The Piano

Polished for perfection, its blackness deludes the halls. Echoing from the corners, sounds carry the judgement from the audience, while those daring winks from the player are easily overseen. A “beauty” unquestioned will never reach individuality – but the canon does not except critique. Wings of black and white consume its prey almost unseen. When the player meets the critic, a beauty suggested will always preach duality. Perfect measures (on the surface). Spotless hue (on the surface). Perfect scales (on the surface). Spotless beauty (on the surface).

Internal Tyrants

A feeling of unease arouses inside the frame. Even though it’s been shaped by nature, the frame’s individual transformation is intended by will. Conflicts start. Within, from underneath, a shallow pond begins to fill. Emotions may blure perception, but without those internal triggers of chemical processing any boiling heat would cool again too soon. Decision should be emotional – None entirely. Most partly. A few not at all. What will our internal tyrants say when we start to question authority? There’s always conflicts waiting. Truth? Dare!

Unfold your Tales of recent Invention!

“Unfold your tales of recent invention!” Books filled with maps of imagined journeys claim to be real but only freeze their readers minds. Writing history is addictive. Do you hear the sound of earth’s decay?


The Void of no Return

Are you happy? Do you like the way you live? Happiness will be granted, when freedom is extinct – they say. So, what do you want to do? What are you going to do? You say you are unsatisfied with the result of this investigation, but are there wrong questions to be asked? You say you are unsatisfied with the current situation. So maybe you should consider what could be changed! Are you happy? Do you like the way you live? It’s up to you to make decisions. There’s no prize for consolation.


This is war – on your live – on your body – on your thoughts. Take back what is yours. The streets are not enough, but lead the way. Words on cardboard signs may look pretty, but need to provoke actual deed.

Detours From Sanity

Hop on board of the freak train of thought. I am wandering through a world of blurry shades. I am wondering – for how long? – but there is no conclusion yet. Does it need to make sense? Life, I mean. Is there a reason for existence? Still, I wasn’t asked for anything of it. Detours guaranteed. Confusion included. Cohesion banished. Insanity (offered).