unicorns are real!

so the second tour de nhil is passé. it has been another intense time full of (new) experiences that granted us to flee our every-day-lives for some moments. reality, of course, is constantly present, but the cruel and disgusting nuances can be dimmed at certain points.

on the telly, a wise hole in the ground once said: “I can neither participate in joy nor prevent disaster – so I sing.” Music seems to bring people together, and sometimes, it is not only the spectacular that is making its mark. Celebration and critique go hand in hand if we let them. So it is our responsibility to make the best of it. Meeting all these motivated, beautiful and stirring individuals makes us thrive too. At the same time it is the contents we articulate that has its influence as well.

Travelling to areas outside the fortress Europe, especially, let us experience our privileges. Our tales from the borders differ from those of others (not having EU passports). What we share with many others is, that crossing such arbitrary constructs always brings mind and body in distress, at least if one sees what those symbols hungry for power are really all about. Who are the ones being afraid? We don’t need borders and fences to feel safe – on the contrary!

Aside of many other things, we are about to record one first song. It is gonna be part of a critical compilation focusing on the topic of “saying No”. We also recorded some moving pictures on tour and we will try to put these in some shape, so we can share it too!

Thx to all people (and places!) we met recently and who shared some moments with us.

Stay wild and beautiful. Unicorns are real!



here’s some impressions from our tour in July:

merry_go_roundtrails2_nhil group_pic jallajalla_inaction

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