Internal Tyrants need to be overcome, and are now on bandcamp!

Last month we recorded our song >Internal Tyrants< in a dusty and dark treeehouse in this lousy city called Gradec! Thousand thx and hearts to T. who helped us recording, mixing and mastering this first single. It is going to be part of a compilation on the topic of saying no. As soon as we have more information about this compilation and zine, we will spread the word once again. Look forward to great bands and music, and to various other contributions on saying no!

In the meantime we uploaded our song already and it is now available as free download on bandcamp, just follow this link: or listen to it in the embed player here (see also the ‘media‘ section of this blog).


Overcoming their own internal tyrants is one step towards overcoming the systematic limitiations and oppression of society. In 1906, Emma Goldman wrote an essay entitled ‘The Tragedy of Woman’s Emancipation’ where she focuses, amongst other topics, on the situation of women in society from an Anarchist perspective. Not only did she bring up issues such as love, marriage, emitional and phyiscal dependence and emancipation in many aspects of the every day life of women, she also challanged her fellows and comrades with her personal action and behaviour. Anarchism is often displayed as a mere “male” thing, but Emma Goldman has proved such superficial statements wrong from the very beginning of her political work — (I will not go into more detail now, about the actual struggles she was fighting to get respected in her field of active politics – but the fact, that many Anarchists not necesserily agreed upon Goldman’s arguments, shall not be ignored here either!)

The essay on The Tragedy of Woman’s Emancipation can be found in >Emma Goldman’s Anarchism and Other Essays (1911)< and is also available online (just search the web).

Here’s the extract of the essay, that is also reflected in the lyrics of “our” internal tyrants:


– What will our internal tyrants say when we question authority?

– They might already be silenced by then!


stay wild and beautiful. [nhil]

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unicorns are real!

so the second tour de nhil is passé. it has been another intense time full of (new) experiences that granted us to flee our every-day-lives for some moments. reality, of course, is constantly present, but the cruel and disgusting nuances can be dimmed at certain points.

on the telly, a wise hole in the ground once said: “I can neither participate in joy nor prevent disaster – so I sing.” Music seems to bring people together, and sometimes, it is not only the spectacular that is making its mark. Celebration and critique go hand in hand if we let them. So it is our responsibility to make the best of it. Meeting all these motivated, beautiful and stirring individuals makes us thrive too. At the same time it is the contents we articulate that has its influence as well.

Travelling to areas outside the fortress Europe, especially, let us experience our privileges. Our tales from the borders differ from those of others (not having EU passports). What we share with many others is, that crossing such arbitrary constructs always brings mind and body in distress, at least if one sees what those symbols hungry for power are really all about. Who are the ones being afraid? We don’t need borders and fences to feel safe – on the contrary!

Aside of many other things, we are about to record one first song. It is gonna be part of a critical compilation focusing on the topic of “saying No”. We also recorded some moving pictures on tour and we will try to put these in some shape, so we can share it too!

Thx to all people (and places!) we met recently and who shared some moments with us.

Stay wild and beautiful. Unicorns are real!



here’s some impressions from our tour in July:

merry_go_roundtrails2_nhil group_pic jallajalla_inaction

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First tour the nhil is over…. await the second uprising of the unicorns!

After a turbulent last day on tour, where we had to cancel our show in Ljubljana due to some van-break-issues, we are back in the city of dust. thx to everyone in Gradec, Salzburg, Innsbruck, Bremgarten and Wetzikon for those intense and colourful hours spent together. Special thx to S and I who joined us this time – so much heart!

The first tour de nhil was an unforgetable event for us, and of such one can not have enough – so we are planning our second tour right now already. We will be on the road again in the end of July. Await more info on that soon.

Here’s some impressions in 2D:

01 02 03

never mind our hairy pits.


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The uprising of the unicorns is upon us!

Hey people!

Never mind our hairy pits.

We are going on tour in the end of may. We are still missing two dates (May 23rd, and May 25th) to fill up the routing (more or less exact routing see list below).

We will bring the entire backline, also for other bands to use. All we ask for is some money (to cover the cost of travelling), some vegan food and a place to sleep.

If you think you can help us, plz drop a line.

Be prepared for the uprising of the unicorns, and – brick by brick – let the fortress Europe fall!

Stay wild and beautiful as you are!




nhil [at] riseup [dot] net



Routing (so far):

  • 18.05. Gradec, private show
  • 19.05. Salzburg – tbc.
  • 20.05. Innsbruck @ Cafe Decentral
  • 21.05. Bremgarten @ Alte Kleiderfabrik
  • 22.05. Wetzikon @ Kulturfabrik
  • 23.05. >>> NEED HELP <<< (Northern-Italy, Suisse)
  • 24.05. Lubljana/Koper – tbc.
  • 25.05. >>> NEED HELP <<< (Slovenia, Croatia, Southern Austria)


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Support your local no-border activists!

never mind our hairy pits but be aware of the tyrany around us that is constantly limiting our agilty. borders in mind and in reality oppress, discriminate, compare, judge, dominate, despise and control many aspects of our lives already. if you haven’t started to tear those borders down yet, now is the time.

reclaim your lives and help others to reclaim theirs!

tomorrow,  january 30th, we are going to play our first official show in graz/gradec. in addition to some performances, that will make you think and challange your still existing borders and live music from five quite different bands on stage, there will be the possibility to support a project on the island of Chios.  by eating home made vegan sweets and drinking hot punsh and tea for free donation you can help the collective on the island to establish an infrastructure for refugees arriving on boats – more information on the project will be available at the show and you will find the official promo text of the project further down in this post!

we hope to see many people who will celebrate with us and the other bands tomorrow. let us demolish the borders in and around us together.



Info on the Soli Cafe on Chios:
In the first week of January we occupied a house on the Greek island of Chios in order to support people fleeing from war, persecution or poverty, who arrive from Turkey. Since then we have been working on fixing the building in order to open our doors to the public soon.
In the weeks before we have experienced that the aid supply by NGO’s, IO’s, the Greek government and the EU is inadequate. These organizations fail up until this date to fully respond to basic humanitarian needs.
We work to provide a space where Refugees are not seen as people of second class or downgraded, where self-sufficiency and organization is possible and supported.
This includes a 24-hour food-supply, a chill out-area, a safe place for women and children and common activities like cooking, painting, or watching movies. We aim to provide a place, where people can meet on an eye-to-eye-level, regardless of nationality, gender, sexuality or religion.
In contrary to the official organizations present on the island, we strongly disagree to and reject the registration process, that separates migrants by nationality and leads to illegalizing and deporting people. We fight for the freedom of movement and a world without borders.
Everybody feel welcome to come and past by.
We call for your support, for people helping, for money and equipment donations.

You can contact us via mail:
You can donate money to:
IBAN: NL06 INGB 0007 1702 49
Payment reference “SoliCafe”


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and so it begins.

never mind our hairy pits.

we are nhil.

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